Seven Locks Board Needs You!

To:           Equity and Bonded members
Subject:   Our Member Board needs you!

Did you know that Seven Locks Swim & Tennis Club is a non-profit owned by our Equity Members?  The Board that oversees the club consists of nine volunteer members elected at our Member meeting in October.  The Board meets approximately once a month and directs the general affairs of the club, including improvements, vendor contracts, programs and communications with membership.  Each fall we have openings for three new Board members.  Please consider joining the Board and helping keep Seven Locks a great summer place to be!

We can use many skills and try to have a cross section of people and skills.  If you are willing to help, we can find a role.  Below are a few examples of areas in which we need help:

  • Facilities – Liaison  with Pool Personnel, our club operator and snack bar vendor, identify needed repairs.
  • Improvements and Planning – Identify improvements to the club.  We are replacing the shed for next year and considering a new club house longer term
  • Legal – We usually have had an attorney on the Board, but he is now rotating off; put your legal skills to work in a fun way
  • Communications – Work with our webmaster and communicate with members

If you are interested or would like to see how we operate, please join us for our next Board meeting on Wed., Sept. 11th, 7:30pm at the pool.  Can’t make it then but still interested?  Please email me, Colette Thibodeau, at

Please seriously consider helping out – the load is lighter with everyone doing their part.  The current Board consists of busy members just like you who know and love Seven Locks.  Clubs like ours cannot survive without the investment of time from our members!

Seven Locks Board
Colette Thibodeau, President
Bart Servaes, Secretary
Will Carrington, Treasurer
John Byrne, Maintenance
Michael Dane, Tennis
Elizabeth Seibel, Membership
Rachel Bogart (Swim & Dive Team)
Mike House (At Large)
Andy Norris (At Large)
George Marmaros (At Large)