Seven Locks Is Opening! Details & FAQs Here!

Dear Members,

We received wonderful news on Tuesday morning — community outdoor and indoor pools are able to open on or after 5 pm on Friday, June 19. Seven Locks Swim & Tennis Club will open Saturday, June 20 at 11 am.

There will be restrictions, including how many members can use the pool in a single session. These restrictions are outlined in the FAQ below. This document will also be on our website throughout this summer.

To manage capacity, we will send information within the next day or so introducing a new reservation system. Members will have to use this system if they want to enter the pool. Each member account also will have to have a waiver on file before they enter the pool for the first time. Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult over the age of 18 whenever on the premises.

The FAQ below also outlines several new safety procedures. Please familiarize yourselves with these, and share them with your family. If members do not comply with the safety regulations, our own or the county’s, they will be asked to leave the pool for at least that session.

Our number one priority always has been safety, and in these uncertain and anxious times, that mission is more important than ever.

We know you might have questions not on the list below. Please do not hesitate to ask them by using

Lastly, we know this has been a process and one wrought with uncertainty. We appreciate your continued patience as we plan for your safe return to the pool.

Seven Locks Board

Click here to review and print our FAQs, which also are pasted below.


2020 Season Frequently Asked Questions

The FAQs below are subject to change at any time. As a private pool community, Seven Locks Swim and Tennis Club is required to follow regulations and guidance issued by the Montgomery County Department of Health and Human Services (MCHHS), and/or by the board of Seven Locks Swim and Tennis Club. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we navigate these uncertain times.

  1. When will Seven Locks open?

Tennis Courts: The tennis facility is open for use. Please review the tennis page for more information about restrictions and reservations.

Pool: The latest guidance from MCHHS on June 16, 2020, is that pools will be allowed to reopen at 5 pm on Friday, June 19 as long as we strictly comply with the guidance. Seven Locks will open Saturday, June 20 at 11 a.m. Our daily hours will be 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. to start.

  1. Will the pool be ready to open?

Yes. We have been working closely with our pool management company, Lighthouse Pools, to complete all the necessary maintenance to open the pool. We successfully completed our annual pre-opening inspection by the MCHHS on June 13, 2020. Lighthouse is now making final preparations to open the facility based on the ongoing restrictions and guidance from county and state officials.

  1. What can we expect when the pool does open?

We are establishing a reservation system that will allow members to reserve specific time slots to be at the pool. Our pool management company, Lighthouse Pools, has set new operating procedures and enhanced cleaning processes. Please monitor your email and our website for more information about signing up for swimming times.

  1. Will I be limited to how many sessions I can sign up for in a day, or week?

Yes, to begin we will limit patrons to three sessions per week. If your family signs up for more, we reserve the right to delete sessions exceeding three.

We will continually revisit this standard to ensure it reflects capacity and use.

  1. How will facilities be cleaned? What other safety precautions will be put in place?

There will be time allotted between each reservation period for cleaning before the next reservation session. We are working closely with Lighthouse Pools to finalize the enhanced cleaning procedures.

Seven Locks will maintain a readily available supply of hand sanitizer and soap for hand washing.

Cleaning and disinfection of frequently-touched surfaces such as pool railings, deck furniture, and doorknobs will be completed between each session, in accordance with CDC and EPA guidelines on COVID-19 and product instructions.

Members are discouraged from sharing objects that are difficult to clean, sanitize, or disinfect or are meant to come in contact with the face (e.g., goggles). Members are also discouraged from sharing food, equipment, toys, and supplies outside of their household group.

We also will alter how members enter and exit. At the beginning of each reservation session, members will line up outside our usual entrance. We will mark out spaces to ensure social distancing while waiting to enter. Members will exit in a different location to avoid bottlenecks with members who are entering for a new session.

  1. What happens if a member does not follow safety guidelines?

Members who refuse to follow safety guidelines will be asked to leave the facility for the day, and may have their access restricted until safety guidelines are permanently lifted.

Our safety measures will be clearly posted at the pool at all times.

  1. How will occupancy restrictions be determined?

The initial MCHHS guidance on occupancy limit is based on the maximum number of occupants that can be within the perimeter of the pool and safely social distance. To get this number, we must divide the total surface area of the pool by 36. This modified maximum capacity limit will be posted at the pool.

Based on this calculation, we can accommodate 110 members in the facility at any given time.

  1. Can my child come to the pool unaccompanied?

We require all children under the age of 12 to be accompanied by an adult at least 18 years of age. All nannies and babysitters must be listed on the members account to be permitted at the pool. It is the member’s responsibility to make sure everyone on their account is aware and complies with the Seven Locks rules and regulations.

  1. Can we bring guests?

Because we will need to restrict the number of individuals in the pool when it opens, we will not allow guests at the start of the season. However, the Seven Locks Board will continue to revisit this limitation throughout the season.

  1. Will entire the pool facility be available to use?

The main pool will be available except for the slide and the pool-side basketball hoop. Additionally, per MCHHS guidance, the wading pool will not be available for the time being.

  1. Will other recreational parts of the facility be available for use?

The tennis courts will be available (see above). Other recreational areas, including the playground, basketball court, and pavilion games will remain closed for now.

  1. Will I have to sign a waiver before using the facilities at Seven Locks?

Yes. Seven Locks will require members to fill out an online waiver before using the pool and tennis courts. Members will not be allowed to use our facilities unless this document is signed and on file.

  1. Will the restrooms, showers and changing facilities be open? What about the drinking fountain?

We will follow MCHHS guidance on the use of these areas. Right now we are only planning to open the family restroom on the pool deck for use.

Per county guidance, the drinking fountain will be turned off.

  1. Will members need to wear masks and practice physical distancing? Will staff wear masks?

Patrons will be required to wear masks while on the premises and while they are not in the water. Lifeguards and staff will wear masks.

Please note that masks SHOULD NOT be worn while IN the water.

  1. Will there be seating at the pool?

We are planning for poolside furniture to be available with restrictions to allow for social distancing. We will follow guidance from MCHHS and Lighthouse Pools when determining the layout of furniture, include lounge chairs and tables.

  1. Will kick boards and pool noodles be available for use?

No. The pool will not have kick boards or pool noodles available for use. Members are encouraged to bring their own kick boards and pool noodles and to not share floatation devices with other families.

  1. Will the grills be available?

We are planning for grills to be available with restrictions. We will make a final determination based on guidance from MCHHS.

  1. What about swim and dive teams?

Montgomery County Swim League (MCSL) and Montgomery County Dive League (MCDL) have announced the cancellations of their seasons. Teams reps are working on various scenarios for swim and dive clinics should the MCHHS guidance permit them. More information to come.

  1. What about social events?

Unfortunately, we will not be able to hold any of our normal social events this year, but stay tuned for future updates on modified social events.

  1. Will the snack bar be open?

Our snack bar vendor will not yet be open. If the snack bar opens, it will take e-payments only. Ice cream will be behind the counter, and the menu may be modified.

  1. Will there be a lost and found?

There will be no lost and found this year. Items will be disposed of at the end of each session.

  1. Can I still have a party at Seven Locks?

Party reservations will not be available.

  1. Will you refund our dues for the 2020 season?

Seven Locks members all have a financial obligation to cover the operating costs of the pool each year, regardless of whether the pool is open. Operating costs include, but are not limited to, insurance, utilities, repairs as well as the costs to manage, maintain and secure the entire facility.

In order to have a full accounting of our expenses, we must wait until the conclusion of the 2020 season to determine what membership fee credits and refunds, if any, would be. We are not in a position to offer refunds at this moment.

If direct refunds are offered, members also will have the option to apply their refunded 2020 dues to their 2021 fees.

  1. I have not yet paid my dues for the year? Can I still do so?

Yes. You can still pay your dues for the year. As noted in previous communications, if you do not pay your dues you are in danger of losing your spot this year and in future years.

  1. When and how can we expect to hear updates?

Please check this page and your inbox for the latest updates. If you have questions, please email