Policy on Private Parties at the Pool

(revised January 2019)

Policy on Private Pool Parties:
Seven Locks Swim and Tennis Club is available for use by members for private parties hosted and arranged by members, which may be held during normal operating hours or outside regular hours, if additional staffing by pool managers and lifeguards can be arranged (if applicable), and if it is determined that the party is not disruptive to regular pool operations based on the size of the party and time requested.

All parties with more than 10 or more non-pool members during regular pool hours, must be arranged in advance and approved in accordance with the procedures described in this policy statement.

Pool functions (swim and dive meets, as well as pool social events) have priority over private parties.

(1) The pavilions on either side of the pergola, umbrella tables and picnic tables cannot be exclusively reserved for a private party. These facilities are available to all members on a first-come, first-served basis. If available, they can be used by a private party.

(2) For a fee of $5 per guest, the main pavilion can be reserved for private parties during the times and dates the pool is open.

(3) The snack bar is operated by an outside contractor and is not available for private parties. Gas grills and grill tools are available for use by private parties, as indicated on the Party Request Form.

(4) All party participants must abide by all Seven Locks Swim and Tennis Club rules and regulations at all times.

(5) Pool staff are not available to serve as party coordinators, baby sitters, or for food preparation. These individuals can be hired to help out with a party, but only if they are not scheduled for duty to work at the pool at the time of the function. Such arrangement is made privately between the party host and the staff member.

(6) Food may be brought into the facility for a party, but no glass containers of any kind are permitted in the pool or on the concrete pool deck. The party host is responsible for cleaning up after the party, making sure that the pool grounds are left in the same condition after the party as they were in before the party.

(7) There will be zero tolerance for underage drinking, or for loud or disruptive behavior, which will result in immediate termination of the party with no refund.

(8) In case of inclement weather that requires the pool area to be vacated (thunder or lightning), the party will be terminated and the pool area cleared immediately of all pool members and guests at the party, in accordance with the Seven Locks safety policy. This decision will be made by the pool manager on duty and is not subject to any discussion.

Procedure for Arranging a Party:
(1) Review the Policy on Private Pool Parties (above), then submit the PartyReservation Form.

(2) Once submitted, the Seven Locks Party Reservation representative will clear availability and staffing on the time and date requested with the Pool Management

(3) Pay the appropriate fees in advance of the start of the party:

  • Guest Fees: $5 per non-pool member. (Note: Guest fees are applicable to all non-Seven Locks members who attend the private party, regardless of whether they utilize the swimming pool.)
  • Lifeguard Staff: $25 per hour per lifeguard. During normal pool operating hours, one lifeguard is added per twenty (20) party guests. Outside of normal operating hours, three lifeguards are needed for the first twenty (20) guests, and a fourth is added for more than 20 guests. Any party anticipating more than 20 guests requires discussion and approval of the Seven Locks Swim & Tennis Club President or his/her designate.
  • Checks for the above fees should be made out to Seven Locks Pool Inc.

    (4) On the day of the party, leave a guest list at the front desk for party attendees to check in with the lifeguard office staff.

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