Lollipop Meet + Family Relays

Lollipop Meet on Thu. July 9 – All 10 & Under Swimmers Invited
Main Pool access limited 4:45-6:30pm

On Thursday, July 9 from 5-6pm, the Swim Team will host the Annual Lollipop Meet. This is a non-competitive meet for ALL member children ages 10 & under. We have kickboard and noodle “races” for the little ones who can’t swim independently. Each child who participates will get a lollipop after they swim! This is a fun event and marks the end of the PreTeam season. For those children thinking of doing the PreTeam or swim team next year, they will get a great sense of the team’s spirit through everyone’s favorite fun meet of the summer! Plan to come join the fun!! Please sign up on the bulletin board.

Following the Lollipop Meet, we will have the Third Annual Parent and Family Relaysfrom 6-6:30 pm where each family can “compete” in one of the three fun relays.  There will be sign-up sheets posted at the pool bulletin board!

Please Note: Between 4:45 and 6:30, the Club will remain open, but access to the main pool is limited to the shallow area and the diving well. The kiddie pool will remain open, along with the pavilion and playground areas.