Seven Locks Swim & Tennis Club Board of Directors




Email Address

President * Jody Jasinski 2017
Vice President * Evelyn Butler 2018
Treasurer * Jason Simmons 2019
Secretary * Gerard Lederer 2018
Tennis   Eric Schwartz 2019
Facilities   Matt Locraft 2018
& Membership
  Ginny Maycock 2017,
Social & Parties   Kerrie Rushton 2019
Long Range Planning   Evan Smith 2017
Swim Team
(ex officio)
  Cortney Morgan 2017
Dive Team
(ex officio)
  Marnie Boyer 2017

* These Board Members comprise the Executive Committee.

Meetings of the Board

In accordance with the by-laws, meetings of the Board are held on a monthly basis during the months of March through October. Additional meetings are scheduled as necessary. Board members are elected to three year terms according to our bylaws at the Fall General meeting. For information about the next Board meeting, or if you are interested in serving on the Board, please contact any member of our Board.