As discussed during our February 2021 General Membership Meeting, the swimming pool facilities at Seven Locks are in need renovation. Patchwork fixes performed over the past 10+ years are now impracticable since our 57-year old pool is beyond its estimated 50-year useful life and continues to show its age.

This page will be members’ main source of information about the project, upcoming meetings, financial discussions, and project status.

Please continue checking your email for information. If you have questions, please contact


[May 26, 2023]
We did it! On Memorial Day Weekend of 1963, Seven Locks opened its doors for the first time. Sixty years later, we’re excited to reveal our reimagined club. The renovation has been four years in the making, with planning, budgeting, fundraising, and permitting preceding the construction that took place over the past nine months.

None of this would have been possible without the leadership of three of our board members – Dan Berger, Demetri Datch, and Eric Schwartz – and volunteer hours from the rest of the board and several members. We’d like to publicly thank Dan, Demetri, and Eric for the hundreds of hours they spent on the project. Bottom line – this project would not have succeeded without their involvement. And they donated all of their time.

Here’s a look back at the renovation:

[May 17, 2023]
The teams continue to make great progress toward opening day. This week all three pools were plastered and are currently being filled. Over the next week the teams will complete installation of the new fence, finish landscaping, and repave the parking lot.


[May 11, 2023]
Since our last update, the construction teams have been busy building the new pavilions and pergola, pouring the concrete sports court, rebuilding the shed, and painting all of our existing structures. We’ve also added the low voltage wiring for speakers and WiFi. The next week will see the completion of our new fence and installation of the first phase of landscaping. We are still tracking for an on-time opening on Friday, May 26th.

[April 12, 2023]
The construction team reached a big milestone this week by finishing the concrete deck. In addition, the retaining wall is complete, a new ramp and stairs to the lower play area are in place, Electrical and low voltage conduits are in place below the concrete surface. Lines will be pulled in a few weeks through the conduite to connect pool lights, pole flood lights, shed, outlets, wifi, etc. Pool heaters installed and were connected. Pavilion and pergolas have arrived and are expected to be installed next week. Exciting progress at Seven Locks!


[April 4, 2023]
Over the past week, the construction team completed the retaining wall, poured the concrete for various steps, and laid all of the electrical and plumbing conduit. Next step – pouring the concrete deck.


[March 21, 2023]
Progress continues this week with the renovation project.

[March 13, 2023]

Work is well underway and will continue over the next few weeks to install all new equipment in the pump room. Deck drains were installed, and the retaining wall is going up quickly.

[February 11, 2023]

The deck forms and plumbing are now complete. We even have coping stone around the perimeter of both pools. The materials for our pergola and pavilions are on the way from the manufacturer.


Plumbing going into the pump room beneath the Shark Shack.  Coping stone around the perimeter of the pools. 

Deck forms and blue chip stone in place.
[January 14, 2023]

The construction team has made excellent progress since our last update. The new pools were excavated and plumbing/rebar installed before pouring the concrete shells. The crew is now working in the pump room to connect the plumbing to our filter system. We’ve also increased gas capacity to power our heaters. In the coming months, we’re looking forward to adding the electrical conduit, installing our new pergolas and pavilions, and pouring the new concrete deck.

Excavating the main pool.

Plumbing and rebar in place for the main pool. 

Teaching/wading pool is ready for rebar. 

“Shooting” the teaching/wading pool.

Pool shells are complete. 

Main pool shell.

Main pool shell.

[October 10, 2022]


If you’ve driven down Seven Locks Road in the past month, you’ve likely noticed a flurry of activity at the Club. Our construction contractor has completed the demolition of the existing pool and currently is excavating the two new pools. In the coming weeks, we’re looking forward to more decking demo, rebar, and pouring of the new pool shells.

[June 30, 2022]


We have updated our renderings to reflect changes necessary to address questions and feedback received during the permitting process. Perhaps the most noticeable enhancement since our initial renderings is replacing the original second pavilion with a pergola flanked by smaller pavilions. We’ve also added illustrative furniture to highlight that the amount of seating capacity at table and lounge chairs will actually increase from our current layout.


[ February 7, 2022 ]

Key Accomplishments since November 2021

  • Received approval of Storm Water Management Concept Plan from Montgomery County
  • Began to collect $2,000 assessment from members
  • Selected construction contractor
  • Engaged architect for design support
  • Engaged in financing discussions and received term sheets from two local banks

Near-Term Priorities

  • Finalize financing package
  • Finalize second pavilion design with architect
  • Complete documents and designs to support permitting process

[ November 8, 2021 ]

Key Accomplishments since July 2021

  • Membership selected “Amenity Rich” option
  • Received approval for Forest Conservation Plan Exemption request from Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission
  • Submitted Storm Water Management Concept Plan to Montgomery County
  • Began to collect $2000 assessment from members (first installment by February 1, 2022; second installment by July 1, 2022)

Near-Term Priorities

  • Select construction contractor
  • Arrange financing options

[ July 11, 2021 ]

A large majority of our membership (75%) voted in favor of Option 2 (the “Amenity-Rich Option”). A total of 121 votes were cast, with 91 in favor of Option 2 and 30 in favor of Option 1 (the “Build-to-Code Option”). 60 votes were cast in person and 61 were cast by absentee ballot.

The option selected by our membership will require a $2,000 per member assessment, regardless of membership type. We will begin to collect the assessment in early 2022.


On Sunday, July 11th, at Noon, a special meeting of the members of Seven Locks Pool, Inc. will take place.  The purpose of this meeting is to vote on the options for the pool renovation project.

In preparation for this meeting, if you haven’t done so already, please designate a voting member for your membership unit by filling out this form. As a reminder, only households who have paid the full initiation fee are able to vote. If you’ve missed any informational meetings, you can find videos and notes here.

Also, if you’re unable to attend this meeting in person, you may vote by absentee ballot, or give your proxy vote to another individual by filling out this form and returning it to, using the subject line “Seven Locks Vote”.

If you attend the meeting in person, your unit representative will be asked to check in with a Board member and cast a ballot. Ballots will be received by a designated Board member underneath the pool pavilion until 4 pm (EST) and tallied afterwards, with results being posted later that day.

Barring any extreme weather conditions, this special meeting will be held regardless of the forecast. You can find a sample ballot here.


Our architect developed the following renderings to help us envision what Seven Locks might look like based on each of the renovation options. There are many design decisions that we’ll need to make after selecting one of the two renovation options, so our final product may look different than these initial sketches.




MAY 30, 2021 VIRTUAL TOWN HALL: Click here to watch a recording of the town hall and here to view the slide deck. Click here to see an animation of the “amenity-rich” renovation option.

MAY 10, 2021 VIRTUAL TOWN HALL: Click here to watch a recording of the town hall and here to view the slide deck.

INTRODUCTORY LETTER: CLICK HERE to read our May 2, 2021 introductory letter to the community.