As discussed during our February 2021 General Membership Meeting, the swimming pool facilities at Seven Locks are in need renovation. Patchwork fixes performed over the past 10+ years are now impracticable since our 57-year old pool is beyond its estimated 50-year useful life and continues to show its age.

Over the spring and summer 2021, our community will need to work together to determine a path forward. This page will be members’ main source of information about the project, upcoming meetings, and financial discussions.

Please continue checking your email for information about upcoming virtual and in-person meetings. If you have questions, please contact

To facilitate discussions, the Board will sponsor a series of virtual and in person ‘town-hall’ style meetings to explain the project and give members a chance to ask questions. Our first virtual membership was Monday, May 10th beginning at 7:30 p.m. You will find a link to a recording of that meeting below, along with the presentation.

Our first in-person membership meeting will occur at Seven Locks on Saturday, June 5th at the pool. Thereafter, depending on demand, we will consider holding additional membership meetings.


Our architect developed the following renderings to help us envision what Seven Locks might look like based on each of the renovation options. There are many design decisions that we’ll need to make after selecting one of the two renovation options, so our final product may look different than these initial sketches.




MAY 30, 2021 VIRTUAL TOWN HALL: Click here to watch a recording of the town hall and here to view the slide deck. Click here to see an animation of the “amenity-rich” renovation option.

MAY 10, 2021 VIRTUAL TOWN HALL: Click here to watch a recording of the town hall and here to view the slide deck.

INTRODUCTORY LETTER: CLICK HERE to read our May 2, 2021 introductory letter to the community.